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Eastern Regatta in Vodice 2014

If you have the audacity itself seaman and passion born a winner, if you want to live to experience the race and be part of the team that breathes as one, join us on the traditional Easter regatta in Vodice. Preferred are the basic sailing background knowledge, because you can participate in all the sailing maneuvers. Take sailing clothing suitable for the poor and cold weather.

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How to alleviate nausea on a boat?

Before nausea can be secured in several ways. Above all, remember that preventative medicine begin to work only a few hours after ingestion. Prior to sailing is a good rest and avoid heavy meals and alcohol.

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Toughest 400m in Europe

In fine weather, the first in the warm sun, the Planica 156 runners and runner from 9 countries competed in conquering the giant. The hardest cross 400 meters of the men got Turk Ahmet Arslan, for women Austrian Teresa Stadlober.

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Human and environmentally friendly high class sailing

We create routes for you surrounded by still untouched and inspiring nature, where there will be only you and the sea


Highly confidential high class sailing

We offer a perfect service, a complete experience with a silent and highly skilled crew on a top-equipped sailing boat.

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Highly confidential high class sailing with love

Romantic bays, unforgettable sunsets and winds that carry you to a brighter, happier future.

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Sailing with the best company

jadranje v najboljši družbi

Only you know exactly who your company is. Only you know how big it is. And we will make sure that sailing, with a great company, will be the best and unforgettable.


Sailing for a happy family

jadranje za srečne družine

It does not matter if you do not have a boat and do not know how to sail. The first time is an unforgettable and beautiful experience.


Sailing for seniors

jadranje za seniorje

Perhaps you have wanted this all your life, but you never had the time or the opportunity. Maybe you will remember some old memories.