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It does not matter if you do not have a boat and do not know how to sail. The first time is an unforgettable and beautiful experience.
Life is a sea and we are all driven by the wind and the sun and the wish, for our boat to sail smoothly, are warming us. Make your dreams come true,catch the wind and set sail with those you love. On each island is a hidden treasure and in each one of us is wealth hidden under a mountain of worries and overlooked from the rush.
Once you enter the boat everything will be left behind you. An old sailor saying says, that the wind blows and the sea washes everything away. Sorrow, arguments and resentment. All that is good gets connected and revealed.
Therefore, this sailing is for a happy family, that will suddenly be without worries, in the mild autumn sun, whenthe blue of the sea and the sky are even more blue,when the silence is like a soothing blanket, and the Kornats are truly paradise islands, and the old cities without crouds of tourists, freely show their souls.
Silent golden mornings in coves, romantic glowing red sunsets.The way from the sea to the table for the fish is only the length of the old fishermans net.
Your children can be captains, skippers or playful fearless sailors and you can also be what your heart desires, because the right course and your safety will be in the care of an experienced shark.
And at the end treasure is waiting for you. The kind you will take home and have for all times.

Just for caring dads and even more caring moms:
Plant an old map, which will come in the mail, into the book of the youngest member of your family. On it ismarked the way to the treasure,it has secret symbols and the signture of an unknown capitain. You act very surprised when your child shows the map to you. First your sceptical then ignited and finally you decide that the whole family should find this treasure. A ship? Not a problem. A captain? We offer you an experienced shark.

Captains diary; after the voyage as dry as pepper:

1. day: 
Biograd na moru. Waiting for the crew. They come at ... Only rookies. I show them the boat and give them their assignments. At .. we sail. We sail south past Vargade, the island of fisherman, cats and seagulls, proceed past the outer part of the island Murter, the island of pirates, who are to this day still the biggest owners of Kornati, where they graze sheep. We harbor in a town called Vodice, which is important since the Roman times. We had dinner with my friend ˝Guštet˝, who bakes magnificent fish. The crew sees the city. They were enthusiastic and full. The time is now eleven o'clock, when i'm writing this diary. They are sleeping like angels.
2. day: 
We depart from Vodice. The crew is as one man. They already know everything. We sail through the Šibenik entrance, the crew stands on the stem with their mouths open, when they see the fortress, the old mighty city, my beautiful Šibenik. I let them go into the city for three hours. When they return, they are completely taken over by the fortress, the city streets and the cathedral. We sail across the Prokljan lake and land in Skradin. The crew asks where the sea ends and the river Krka begins. “Only the fish know that,” i say and spit. Into the sea or the river? They go to see the city. In the sacred Spiridon at midnight beats a little bell.
3. day: 
I'm cleaning the boat in Skradin. The crew went with a little boat to see the waterfalls of Krka. After a few hours i miss them already. They returned impressed by the beauty and power of the Skradinski Buk and its seventeen cascades. We sail out. The bridge of the highway, under which we sail, seems terribly far to the crew. We wave goodbye to Šibenik. Our direction: Zlarin island. We harbor at the wish of the crew, who wants to see where the ˝maglajtke˝lamps come from, the longest promenade on the Adriatic and more of what they read online. I have a knowledgeable crew. I tell them the story about the sinking of an ancient ship from the first century. We sail away and harbor in Kaprije, the safe harbor, which is protected from all sides. The crew wishes for something with capers, since they are in Kaprija, and go to sleep.
4. day: 
A day true sailors. The Kornats are rarely so beautiful. Golden in the morning sun and midday glow. Kurba vela, Smokvica, Great kornat. The crew take pictures, enjoy and they quote george Bernard Shaw: “On the last day of the creation of the world, God crowned his creation by creating the Kornati islands. He scattered tears, stars and happy breaths into the sea˝. We land in the cove Strižna, where Darko prepared us a divine dinner. The crew becomes more uniform by the day. It will be hard for me, when they leave.
5. day:
I woke them up in the morning dusk: “Come on, Slovenians, to the mountains!” They went as wild goats to the highest peak of the Great Kornati, on the Metilna, which offers an unbelievable view of the Kornati islands, from its height of 236 meters. They showed me pictures of the sunrise, and they were jumping, bravely, into the sea. Refreshed, we sailed to the magnificent lighthouse Sestrice and then we went to the national park Talaščica. They viewed the lake, the overhanging walls and all the other beauty and then we sailed through the passage large Proversa towards the city Sali on Dugi island. It is these Salince that those pirates from Murtra expelled from the Konrati.
6. day: 
The crew doesn't even know fatigue. We sail north towards the top of the island Ugljan and stop in the old town Zadar. They saw the harp, on which the sea plays, and the ancient church of St. Donat. We sail south and sleep in the village Kukljica on the south of the island Ugljan. Fewer and fewer words and explanations are necessary for happiness.
7. day: 
After only two hours of sailing we landed in Biograd na moru. Goodbye was hard but happy. Laughter and tears, both are healthy, because we laugh and cry of happiness. And right there, on the land, they found their treasure.
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